The driver to buy food to stop blocking the pasta shop door was punctured tire boss-xhero

The driver to buy food to stop blocking the pasta shop door was punctured tire boss driver in the end there is more "willful"? The day before, Yantai Haiyang City, Ms. Dong went to the market to buy food because no parking, no persuasion, still insist on the car parked at the entrance of a noodle shop, the tyres were norte. November 9th at 11 am, who lives in Haiyang City area streets Ms. Dong drove to the market to buy food, because no place to park, she plans to stop at the entrance of a business yellow noodle shop. At that time the pasta shop business peak, Huang persuaded Ms. Dong do not stop at this affect their business, but Ms. Dong has not been ignored, still insisted on the car door, turned to go. Huang angry and took out a pair of scissors from his shop, Ms. Dong will be before the car tire puncture. When Ms. Dong bought the dishes and was ready to leave, she was silly. During the police investigation, Hwang did not cooperate with the police, after being verbally summoned to the Fangyuan police station for questioning, Hwang confessed to its illegal facts. It is convenient to give convenience to others, but fortunately it is a tire, not a human being." An old man said. Although the A thing has its cause. Hwang’s behavior, but has violated the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law", constitute damage to public and private property behavior, the police were punished according to law. Police tip: through a large number of case analysis, many cases stem from some daily chores such as parking chaos, caused by improper handling due to the escalation of conflict, cause administrative cases and criminal cases. It is suggested that the citizens should think more when dealing with contradictions, and don’t ignore the consequences, so as to avoid irreversible consequences. Source: jellyfish Web

女司机买菜停车堵了面食店大门 被老板扎破车胎   女司机到底有多“任性”?日前,烟台海阳市董女士去市场买菜,因没地停车,任凭别人劝说,仍然执意将车停在了一家面食店门口,结果车胎被扎。   11月9日中午11时许,家住海阳市方圆街道的董女士开车去市场买菜,因没地方停车,她打算将车停在黄某经营的面食店门口。当时正值面食店生意高峰期,黄某劝说董女士不要在此停车影响自己生意,但董女士未予理睬,仍然执意把车门锁了,转身潇洒离开。   黄某一怒之下从自家店铺内拿出一把剪刀,将董女士的前车轮胎扎破。等到董女士买完菜准备离开时,一下傻了眼。民警调查期间,黄某并未配合警方工作,后被口头传唤到方圆派出所接受询问,黄某对其违法事实供认不讳。   “予人方便,予己方便,幸亏扎的是轮胎不是人。”一在场老人说。虽事出有因,但黄某的行为已触犯《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》,构成损毁公私财物行为,警方依法对其进行了处罚。   警方提示:通过大量案件分析,很多案件的起因源于诸如乱停车的一些日常琐事,后因处理不当引发矛盾升级,导致发生行政案件甚至刑事案件。建议市民在处理矛盾时,应多换位思考,切勿不计后果一意孤行,以免造成不可挽回的后果。 来源:水母网相关的主题文章: