The Duyuan Han female player created figure chess queen

The Duyuan Han female player created "the pattern of chess queen war"         "go figure center" of the protagonists. From left are Pei Yunzhen Jin Huilin, three two and three four, the Duyuan Li Duohui section of sina sports news in September 27th, South Korea’s new women’s occupation chess "in the mood for chess queen war" will start on the Korean chess. "Go figure center" is the three section of Duyuan go teaching institutions, Li Duohui four, Jin Huilin two, Pei Yunzhen three and other South Korean female players organization, to open up a fresh outlook is taught by an adult, chess enthusiasts sought, currently in Seoul has opened three stores. "Members go to figure center" of the development of women’s occupation chess, the game started to cover the Korean chess. At present, only three of South Korea women’s occupation chess, respectively South Korean women’s chess tournament, women and women’s Meijin guksu. Among them, women and women’s Meijin guksu for knockout, South Korean female players of the game are rare opportunity for combat. To this end, "the queen go figure war" by Swiss Robin from the preliminaries, the 26 female occupation on September 27th to 30 players playing four games, selected 12 people of this squad. This season 12 people divided into two groups to play a single round robin, with the top 2 knockout semi-finals. The first "go figure queen war" in October 21st to play semifinals, finals in October 25th. The three section of the Duyuan said: "unfortunately, compared to the events and other relatively small chess. But thanks to all the members of the "go go center"." "Go figure queen war" sponsored by the Korean chess, "go figure center" sponsorship, and the preliminary match every party in 1 hours, 40 seconds to five seconds. Figure go queen war total budget of 26 million won, won the championship prize of $2 million 300 thousand, runner up won 1 million 800 thousand won. (Lan Lie)相关的主题文章: