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The field of Collider, who is the master? Science and technology — 2012, particle accelerator – the Large Hadron Collider in the world’s largest (LHC) discovered the Higgs boson, the event of ripples in the physics world, not only scientists won the Nobel prize, but also made the Japanese scientists actively push to make the "successor" is located in LHC. The next generation collider will be based on the results obtained by LHC, and will measure the properties of the Higgs boson and other particles that are known or very soon. However, in the United States in August 8th at the Chicago International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP), discuss the scientists that they for particle physics, the next step is not too clear to decide on what path to follow, it depends largely on whether LHC can reveal beyond the standard model of particle physics phenomenon, and the construction of the LHC China "the plan will continue to promote the" successor. Japan: proposed the construction of the International Linear Collider when Japanese scientists proposed the construction of the International Linear Collider (ILC), a group of international scientists have drawn up a design sketch. ILC will make the positive and negative electrons along the 31 km long track collision. In contrast, LHC is only 27 kilometers long, and is to allow protons in the European Nuclear Research Center in an annular orbit collision. The proton is composite particles composed of quarks, so the collision will produce a large number of slag; while in ILC the occurrence of the collision of particles is the basic particles, therefore, the collision of cleaner and more suitable for accurate measurement, is expected to reveal deviations from the expected behavior, which opened the study of Physics beyond the standard model. For physicists, the possibility of a detailed study of the Higgs boson and the heaviest "top quark" is sufficient to constitute the reason for the device. People hope that the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT) this year in relation to whether the construction of the facility (experiment will start around 2030) give a clear answer. But the Japanese group of experts to provide advice on MEXT last year said of the Higgs boson and the top quark opportunity cannot be built the ILC reason alone, need to wait until the scheduled 2018 LHC the end of the first run and then decide the maximum energy. The director general of Japan’s high-energy accelerator research organization Yamauchi Masatoku (transliteration) said that if LHC found new phenomenon, they will add more nutrients and raw materials for ILC studies, and will enhance the people to build high precision collider’s confidence and determination greatly. American physicists have been supporting the construction of a linear collider. Yamauchi Masatoku said that the joint team composed of MEXT and the U.S. Department of energy are discussing ways to reduce the cost of ILC. Currently, ILC’s estimated expenditure of $10 billion. Although it is possible to reduce spending by about 15% in the end, but in the formal consent of leading the construction of ILC, Japan needs to support funding from other countries. China: I hope the development of positive and negative electron positron collider in the construction of large Collider, Chinese scientists are full of confidence. A few months after the discovery of the Higgs boson, the director of the Institute of high energy physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences相关的主题文章: