The impact of innovation policies on Innovation the current results are not smooth

Enterprise innovation policy influence innovation performance: China enterprise innovation policy environment continues to improve the current achievements of poor road enterprise innovation policy influence innovation performance since the new century, a country is released to promote the overall policy of enterprise technological innovation, technological innovation is the introduction of the two drum talent policy encourages enterprises, three is launched to encourage enterprises increase investment in innovation policy, the four is introduced to encourage the transformation of enterprise’s innovation policy. The main problems of enterprise innovation, one is the original ability is still weak, the two is the national standard does not play a leading role in technological progress, the three is the focus on innovation is a mere formality, four innovations into the poor road. Since the last Liu Xingguo enterprise innovation policy to improve the environment in the new century, with the continuous progress of China’s economy and technology, increasingly difficult to introduce advanced technology, technology blockade of developed countries continued to strengthen, enhance the technology can only rely on independent innovation to achieve more. The central government attaches great importance to innovation and development, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the ministries in recent years has introduced a series of policies and measures to promote the improvement of China’s innovation environment, promote enterprise innovation and development. 1, to promote the national level, the overall policy overall policy of enterprise science and technology innovation during 11th Five-Year, the state has issued the "national long-term science and technology development plan (2006-2020)", put forward by 2020 China’s independent innovation ability, basic science and cutting-edge technology research comprehensive strength significantly increased, made a number of significant in the world’s scientific and technological achievements, to enter the ranks of innovative countries such as the overall goal of the development of science and technology; by 2020, the research and development of the whole society investment in the proportion of GDP increased to more than 2.5%, and strive to scientific and technological progress contribution rate reached more than 60%, foreign technology dependence is reduced to less than 30%. During 12th Five-Year, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued "on deepening the reform of science and technology to accelerate the construction of national innovation system" (in the 2012 No. 6) put forward the whole society R & D expenditures accounted for 2.2% of GDP, large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in R & D investment average main business income accounted for the proportion increased to 1.5%, with the progress of science and technology rate of 55% science and technology development goals, and from strengthening the dominant position of technological innovation, promote the combination between science and technology and economy, strengthen the overall deployment and collaborative innovation, improve the overall efficiency of the innovation system, technological management system reform, promote scientific management and efficient use of resources, improve the talent development the mechanism, arouse the enthusiasm of scientific and technical personnel of creative "and so on to make specific arrangements. In January 15, 2013, the State Council issued the "12th Five-Year" national independent innovation ability construction plan "(Guo Fa 2013 No. 4), proposed to" 12th Five-Year "at the end, the construction of independent innovation capability of our goal is: innovation foundation construction of reasonable layout, key areas of innovation, the ability to significantly enhance the strength of innovation is significantly enhanced regional innovation ability, constantly optimize the layout, innovation environment more perfect target; plans to put into operation and in the construction of nearly 50 major science and technology infrastructure, and key construction theory相关的主题文章: