The Importance Of Keyword

SEO Keyword density is a way of determining how relevant a web page is to a specific keyword or key phrase. It is an indication of often the chosen keyword appears on the page. While it is important to use your keywords regularly, you want to be careful not to go overboard. Try to make the text flow like a normal conversation. If your keywords show up every other word, then your site will most likely be marked as spam and rejected. Keyword density is determined by calculating the percentage of keywords in relation to other words on a web page. You can calculate your keyword density fairly easily by dividing the total number of keywords by the total number of words on the page. If you have a page with 100 words on it, and you use your main keyword 5 times, then the keyword density of that page would be: (Keywords) / (Total words) = Keyword Density (5) / (100) = 0.05 Since this is a percentage, the keyword density for this page would be 5%. No one is sure of the exact range that you want your site to fall in, but most will agree that it’s somewhere between 3% and 8%. If you start getting much higher than that, you run the risk of being penalized, so make sure you don’t go overboard. This rule applies to every page of your website, and to every keyword. Vary your keywords from page to page, and choose ones that are most relevant to that specific page. Just be sure to keep your keyword density between 3% and 8% on all of these pages. Simple ways to check your keyword density: Copy all of your content from a single page of your site into a word-processor, such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. In the ‘Edit’ menu, click on ‘Select All’. Next, go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Word Count’. Write down the total number of words on a piece of paper. Now go back to the ‘Edit’ menu, and click on ‘Find’. In the ‘Replace’ tab, type in the keyword you want to find. ‘Replace’ that keyword with itself, so no text will actually change. When the replace function .pletes, it will tell you how many words were replaced, which is how many times your keyword shows up on that page. Now you have the total number of words for that page, as well as the number of keywords for that page, so you can use those values to calculate your keyword density. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: