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"The most stringent national test tomorrow online registration   recruiting plan more than 2.7 civil servants — Society — original title:" the most stringent national test tomorrow online registration for the 2017 national civil service exam registration from tomorrow. Yesterday, Ministry of human resources and social security, the CPC Central Committee Organization Department and the National Civil Service Bureau issued a national examination and announcement of the position table, the national exam, more than and 120 central state organs and units of planned recruiting 2.7 thousand civil servants, and basically the same as last year enrollment scale. Recruiting jobs, grass-roots positions accounted for 90%, the first increase in police posts recruiting professional tests. According to the plan, the national test written in November 27th. Directional recruitment ratio by 5 percentage points on the basis of the country take the position in the table, the institutions directly under the Ministry of foreign affairs, the central network information office and other more than and 120 central organs and units and the management of the civil service law is recruiting 27061 people. Public education research and counseling expert Li Qian, statistics show that the total of 15589 jobs, the city (the ground) positions below 14107, the total number of jobs 90%; above the provincial level (including deputy provincial) position 1482, only accounting for 10%. "In the past three years, the county (District) level and below the number of recruiting agencies increased year by year, the number of recruiting proportion increased from 77% to 79%, obviously, the Grass-roots Civil Servants Recruiting proportion showed a gradual increasing trend." Compared with previous years, the national examination to improve targeted recruiting service expires, service grass-roots project personnel qualified proportion, from last year’s 10% rise to 15%, college-graduate village official is still recruiting key. In addition, at or above the provincial level party and government organs of civil servants, except for some special positions and professional positions, all for recruiting more than two years working experience at the grass-roots level of personnel. City (to) level the following positions to recruiting college graduates, guide and encourage outstanding college graduates to the grass-roots grass-roots candidates positions. Analysis of China map education agency experts, graduates in recent years has become a national test force "backbone", such a policy even grassroots civil service positions has been added, also help to solve the employment problem of graduates. The police posts require additional testing in public education examination institutions and experts, the national civil service exam has been exploring the classification test, improve the level of scientific examination, this year’s exams were to continue to life above the provincial and city (prefectural) positions below the public subject written examination questions. 8 the lingua franca position of the CBRC, Department of special professional position and the Ministry of foreign affairs and Ministry of Commerce Commission, and the public security organs of the people’s police position "2+X" test mode, namely except the administration occupation ability test, on two subjects in public examinations, candidates need to attend unified professional course exam or foreign language proficiency test of outstanding professional ability and quality measurements, in order to meet the actual needs of people with recruiting agencies. In the interview process, apply for public security organs of the people’s police position scores calculated by the administration occupation ability test, Shanghai, professional examination scores each accounted for 40%, the proportion of 30%, 30%. This year’s exam, filing riser family and people living in difficult city)相关的主题文章: