The naked eye makeup Zhang Tian’ai actually i! incubus

The naked eye makeup Zhang Tian’ai actually i! Features more obvious, although the eyebrows or iconic eyebrows, eyeliner and eye shadow but not the eyes of God but more. The overall makeup lipstick is also very clean, very lively cinnamon. So, the eye can actually do not draw? Zhang Tianai makeup super beautiful contrast full makeup, less thick false eyelashes and heavy eye shadow, so Zhang Tianai looks very pure. The eyes are more clear, more important is, the more high cold eye makeup off. No wonder hold can live in a large film, this is not a simple Su yan! Zhang Tian’ai makeup super beauty really does not draw makeup? Of course not possible! Step1: first from the eyebrows, the United States and the United States is not recommended to draw too many edges and corners of the eyebrows, thick flat eyebrows, it is best to be gray black tone. Along the eyebrow begins to describe, light is good. Zhang Tian’ai makeup super beautiful Step2: in order to create a very natural eyebrow makeup, remember with eyebrow comb the eyebrows combed, there will be a furry sensation yo. Zhang Tian’ai makeup over the United States Step3: "say the eyebrows are really important, look at the comparison before and after the thrush, is not really very different? Zhang Tian’ai makeup super beautiful Step4: the next step is all sense bursting with naked eye makeup, do you think the star is really not painted makeup, not simply good? First color eye shadow to the eyelids bottoming. Zhang Tian’ai makeup super beautiful step5: then along the inner side of the upper eyelid, painting a very thin line, only the latter part of painting. Zhang Tian’ai super beauty makeup相关的主题文章: