The National Hospital Challenge Cup held in Foshan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine won

The National Hospital Challenge Cup held in Foshan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine won 5 Awards – Foshan city hospital, Beijing, a family physician Wu Rizhao (left 4) 19 days before, on behalf of the competition case came to accept the award in September, by the national health and family planning medical affairs authority guidance, health media sponsored 2016 further improve health service action plan "national hospital before the five ring theme ceremony held in Hangzhou, thousands of medical elite witnessed this lively and meaningful event management. Innovative service initiatives submitted by the Foshan Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine ", shorten the patient treatment time, improve discharge process, shorten the patient waiting time to discharge and improve medical environment, improve the quality of service" in 3 cases, 84 participating hospitals in order to highlight the advantages of stand out, won the 2 "ten the value of the case" and 3 "ten popular case" a total of 5 awards, has become the second season contest in the only award-winning Chinese medicine hospital, Guangdong province is also the most awarded the hospital. In recent years, Foshan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the "lean hospital" management philosophy, committed to improving the quality of medical service, take measures to improve the service quality and technical level. Optimization of these services to improve the process, not only to give the intuitive feelings of the patients, but also to further undergo the review of industry experts. In with our peers competing against the PK contest, Foshan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine can emerge in the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, West China Hospital of Sichuan and many other famous hospital, not only fully reflects the Chinese Buddhism in recent years from the lean management, reasonable allocation of medical resources, improve the outpatient service process, improve the discharge process, optimize the layout of the blood purification center. Lean management implementation of integrated care, but also show the Buddha’s traditional Chinese medicine sincere heart, with spirit. Foshan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, 3 cases are participating in the competition in 276 case of a road clearance beyond the opponent, Zhu Dongfang as director of the ceremony speech: "on the pursuit of quality and patient safety and hospital staff are not alone, walking may have pain resistance don’t understand tears, compared these with the victory joy, not what! Our hospital have made success, cannot do without the leadership of the hospital look far ahead from a high plane cannot do without support, and help the function and clinical sections, cannot do without the hard work of colleagues. We have a great distance compared with the domestic excellent hospital, in the future we still have to learn to crash to absorb, continuous improvement." The head nurse Chen Cuiqing also lamented in the sharing of the other counterparts of the case, "an honor, more of a responsibility, go15, quality service quality, we have been on the road. The power of the team is endless!" Foshan City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine will summarize the present achievements, to further promote the improvement of medical service, adhere to the "patient-centered", in the optimization of clinic facility layout, advance reservation service, reasonable allocation of medical resources, play the advantages of information technology to improve the hospital service process, deepen the high quality nursing service, standardize the clinical diagnosis and treatment behavior, to pay more attention to the medical humanistic care, harmonious doctor-patient relationship and other aspects of continuous improvement, to enhance the hospital’s medical.相关的主题文章: