The national team stability can not be frequent buy low sell high ca1477

The national team stability can not be frequent "Gao Paodi attracts" sina finance opinion leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Cao Zhongming national team "buy low sell high", it is tantamount to compete with investors. Moreover, due to the national team itself strong financial strength, but also very easy to affect the ups and downs of a stock, which led to the redistribution of the interests of investors". Therefore, the national team should maintain a relatively stable position, to avoid frequent operations. According to media reports, Chinese settlement released monthly statistics of August, gold card company A shares fell to 454 billion 250 million yuan total escrow, hit its lowest level since February, the proportion of the total amount of the total managed market has dropped from 1.9% to 1.7%. In August, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have produced a wave of a slight rally, therefore, the total number of A shares held by the company’s holdings of gold fell more worthy of attention. The market point of view, this is the national team to lighten up. After all, in August the stock market rose, the corresponding gold card company managed the market value should rise, but the market did not rise, but declined, so lighten up for good reason. But there are also points of view, which is the result of the national team to adjust the stock and positions formed. As the stock is not the same, the number is not the same, the difference between the market value of the custodian is also normal. What is the reason for the decline in the custody of the market in the end, perhaps only the card company can give accurate answers. However, on the national team itself, its holdings change is not news. After the stock market crash occurred last year, with the gold card company, Huijin Company as the representative of the national approach to the maintenance of stability, but the stability is also showing the characteristics of "rush". Not only in the range of more than one thousand stocks, but also in the selected stocks regardless of texture eyebrows beard grabbed, also reflected in the gold card company "accidentally" become the first major shareholders on the auspicious meiyan. It is also true that the national team to adjust the stock and position is understandable, and the disclosure of information is also proved this point. For example, compared with the end of the first quarter of this year, the two quarter of the national team to hold shares of the 860 shares remain unchanged, the new 29, holdings of more than $125, a reduction of 164, as well as a list of the top ten shareholders of the exit of the top 65. For example, gold card company to increase holdings of bank shares in the first half of this year. Among them, the ABC holdings 1 billion 147 million shares, holdings of ICBC, Bank of China and Bank of communications were 686 million shares, 493 million shares and 573 million shares. In addition to the five lines, the card company on the joint-stock banks have also been a number of different holdings. Card companies, such as the national team last year, although the approach is stable, but also out of the Oolong incident". For example, for gold card company to become the first major shareholder is auspicious Meiyan exposure, then stir hot money led to frenzied speculation, the stock price rose more than 1 times. The purpose of the company to buy shares of gold, apparently in order to maintain stability, but the fact that the purpose of stability is not achieved, but exacerbated the shock of the stock, but also exacerbated the loss of high involvement of investors. If there is no gold card company national team approach, it is difficult to imagine how the stock market crash last year will have serious consequences)相关的主题文章: