The new disposable purchase rate success rate of 14 thousand super investors abandoned nearly 1 bill-stand by me shinee

The new disposable purchase rate success rate of 14 thousand super investors abandoned nearly 1 billion "awards" new play success is seen as last year due to adjustment of the stock market and to seek the best way to turn over. The ballot is not yet listed, rush about telling the news around spreading, has red hair over the circle of friends. However, there are a large number of investors to give up such a good thing in the sky pie. Chinese Securities Industry Association has just released IPO object placement blacklist, including Baoying, Hong Yang, the Great Wall life list. The reporter statistics found that, since this year there are more than 90 new shares have abandoned the purchase, a total of more than 20 million shares, the number of stocks over the success rate of disposable purchase rate. If in accordance with the average estimate of 18 daily limit, the loss of nearly 1 billion yuan. And all of them fall into the pockets of the underwriters. There are brokers who said that for many retail investors, abandoned the purchase is largely forgotten, but the professional institutions, why not pick up the hand of gold, it is difficult to understand. 8, Chinese Securities Industry Association announced that, because some investors do not abide by the rules in the IPO purchase process, blacklisted, it also means that these investors before March next year will be "new restrictions". Some analysts believe that, from the current situation, due to the growing number of eligible investors to enter the market under the net, is expected to be the future blacklist will grow longer and longer. Announcements, in order to regulate the IPO inquiry and purchase behavior of investors and placing objects under the net equity, according to the relevant provisions of the Securities Industry Association, Chinese decided to participate in the purchase process, three China nuclear construction, Shanghai and Shanghai, a shares, long ocean, and three global printing technology of new shares under the net. 50 object placement and violation of regulations to blacklist. Reporters found that the 50 placing objects, both professional investment institutions, such as funds, insurance, securities, retail, etc., there are high net worth of retail investors. It is worth noting that there are multiple violations of the same fund accounts. Data show that there are 15 on the list of Baoying fund’s account, as is the strategy of growth mixed the coastal region growing, the core advantage of flexible configuration, flexible configuration, technology 30 Hongli income flexible configuration, Rui Feng innovative and flexible configuration and so on. At the same time, the 11 accounts East under the red flag card is not required, the reason is "but did not provide a valid offer to participate in the purchase". The 5 Crusade account information management for the same reason is on the black list. In addition, there are some retail investors such as Wang Xihai, Wang Mingyue, and so on, and so on, because of not paying the full and timely payment of subscription funds and other reasons were fined, such as, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as: Zheng Nianmin. According to the announcement of the China Securities Association, the 50 placing objects before March 7, 2017 can not participate in the fight again. Placing the blacklist under the IPO network may be getting longer and longer analysis that compared to online purchase, the probability of investors to make money under the net to be much larger. Therefore, many have already smell the net they have to apply for a large cake taste under the net to play the new qualification. This also makes the network to play a larger and larger scale of new investors. In particular, many retail investors into the network, there may be a lot of abandoned purchase or violation. Therefore, there is reason to believe that the future of IPO net placing blacklist may be longer and longer." An unwilling to disclose the identity;相关的主题文章: