The performance of the home two correct real Volkswagen Ling Du GTS (video)

The performance of the home two correct real Volkswagen Ling Du GTS GTS said, "I believe many performance control who first thought is Porsche 911 (ginseng, Carrera GTS, pictures, inquiry) although the three simple combination of letters by different manufacturers name with its products, but they all have a common the attribute, that is an excellent athletic performance. Today I want to bring Shanghai Volkswagen launched Ling Du for everyone (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) GTS, as a three car sports car can let you occasionally Sasa joy on the road, and can carry one family travel joy, all aspects of the comprehensive care. At present, Ling Du GTS has arrived in the 4S store, let’s go to see the new Volkswagen’s cannon can give us what surprise. The car is going to fire! Widebody luxury coupe 2017 Ling Ling of GTS listed real red body, sports package with armed to the teeth, Ling Du GTS through the details of the changes to create a dynamic movement style, to make it look more full of fighting spirit. Grille with black honeycomb mesh design, the bottom with a red and white decorative line connecting the headlights, effectively enhance the visual effect of the lateral face. The grille at the bottom of the inner red trim line headlights, blackened headlights and LED daytime driving lights lamp collocation type U, with fierce eyes intimidating. LED fog lights light up the visual effect is good, is a small spoiler cut into three sections, full of visual impact. Upper red, lower chrome plated GTS exclusive logo, showing its unique charm. Ling Du GTS side of the line is still smooth, straight waist deep and extends to the tail of the car. The vehicle side bottom to increase the black skirt, echoing with the head and tail. The rearview mirror is painted bright black, smooth and rounded shape helps to reduce the drag coefficient, LED side lamp ribbon design, fashion and without losing a warning. Left wing dagger shaped GTS logo emphasizes the identity of the car out of the ordinary. 18 inch double color wheel five excellent visual effects, tire brand for Ma ContiMaxContact MC5, size of 22545 R18. By spraying for brake caliper red is also low-key that is different from the ordinary version of identity. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable. The biggest change is that the car tail adds a rear spoiler, let the car tail looks like the movement. Right below the GTS badge, intended to remind the car I am not an ordinary ling. Taillights and the ordinary version of Ling Du as using LED light source, identical in shape and internal structure, but the color with a blackened sporty design highlights. The diamond chrome exhaust of two bilateral tube layout and other unique diffuser can see this is not an ordinary Lamando. Ling GTS still maintained the original figure, long and wide high dimensions of 46101826 1425mm, wheelbase is also 2656mm. All black inside.相关的主题文章: