The recall of 4 million 300 thousand note 7 actually have so many heavy metals dxperience

Recall 4 million 300 thousand Note 7 there are so many heavy metals Samsung Note 7 events from the first blow to the global recall, announced the whole process of production has gradually subsided, according to statistics, the Samsung Corp from the global recall of nearly 4 million 300 thousand Galaxy Note 7 intelligent mobile phone users, recently began to focus on the mobile phone will be repossessed how to deal with the problem of Samsung Corp. Samsung Electronics said the latest statement, the phone will not be recalled for maintenance and re-use, but did not explicitly show how to dispose of these phones. Greenpeace asked Samsung to use the new method to recycle and reuse these metals and rare earth materials in mobile phones, and to handle these open office, Samsung has not yet fully responded. According to estimates of applied ecology researchers in Germany, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone contains more than 20 metric tons of cobalt, more than 1 metric tons of tungsten, 1 tons of silver, 100 kg and 20 kg to 60 kg of gold palladium. These heavy metals are on the environment as a serious pollution, so Samsung must find the best way to avoid the spread of pollution treatment.相关的主题文章: