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The report shows that over 20% of college students have had sex – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Dai Lili) today is the world contraception day, national health and Family Planning Commission and China Family Planning Association jointly organized the 2016 world contraception Day campaign theme. China Family Planning Association released the "University of sexual and reproductive health survey report" shows that more than 20% of the students had sexual behavior, had sexual intercourse in the crowd, 11% had pregnancy experience, 9.9% of people have had the abortion experience. Comprehensive sex education imminent. The report suggested that 20.3% of the respondents had sex behavior. 18 of the subjects who had sex had the first act between the ages of 11 and 45.6%. The proportion of male sexual behavior (28.4%) was significantly higher than that of female (14.9%), which was about 2 times that of the latter. College students awareness of contraception higher rate of condom (95.3%), emergency contraception (71.4%) and rhythm (54.3%); Zhi Xiaonan, less than half of the respondents (female) of sterilization, ejaculation of IUD and the awareness rate was 32.1%. Only 1.4% of respondents said they had not heard of any contraception. The rate of awareness of contraception is higher than that of rural students. Of those who had sex, 11% had (had) been pregnant. Of the women who were sexually active, 10.1% had a pregnancy experience, and the proportion of repeated pregnancies was about 3.2%; in the men who had sex with men, the number of pregnancies was 11.8%. In this survey, a total of 360 people reported their partner or had the abortion experience, respondents had sex accounted for 9.9%, among them, the "repeated abortion" has accounted for about 1/4, 7.8% has experienced more than 3 times of artificial abortion". In the abortion experience of college students, the majority (61.4%) choose to go to the regular public hospital for abortion and related health services, 29.4% choice of formal private hospitals, but also a small part of teenagers to choose small clinic medication (6.1%) and (7.2%). Look at the school education, 56% of respondents said they had received "school education, adolescent reproductive health education or education related courses, 34% said not received related to school education, 10% said" do not know". Experts said that with the progress of the social economy and culture, the contemporary college students on sexual behavior with more open attitude, love, sex and sexual partner behavior rate increased gradually, advocated by the government of comprehensive education policy imminent. In the school, the family community to carry out a scientific and comprehensive youth health education can help young people face and deal with adolescent physical and psychological and emotional needs. The parents of the school and social groups should be multi-party cooperation to pass the correct contraceptive knowledge and skill training to the youth groups, and enhance awareness of prevention, prevention of unintended pregnancy and abortion, nip in the bud; in addition, school level should be established for adolescent sexual and reproductive health 5相关的主题文章: