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The third batch of PPP project released a new round of policy support is expected to launch – Beijing experts said that the future of private capital to participate in the PPP project will increase the intensity of policy guidance and encouragement – reporter Bao Xingan recently stressed, deputy finance minister PPP work group leader, Shi Yaobin went to Hunan province to carry out research work of PPP supervision. The next step, to intensify the docking national support funds and social capital PPP financing, leveraging force to solve the financing problems of PPP project; to create conditions to improve policy services, accelerate the project to PPP PPP landing, the promotion of investment, improve the effectiveness of the work of reform, promote the development of. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, in accordance with the work plan, in September the third batch of PPP demonstration project to promote the 20 list jointly by the Ministry of Finance and other departments will be announced at the beginning of the. Data show that as of July 25th, received a total of around to declare the project 1070, project total investment of about 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan, involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal utilities, agriculture, forestry, science and technology, affordable housing, education, culture, health care, pension, health, tourism, sports and other public service field. PPP reform is a comprehensive reform, has a strong traction, the need for administrative system, financial system and investment and financing system, such as supporting the reform." Shi Yaobin said that from the current practice results, PPP reform for steady growth, promoting reform, improve people’s livelihood, in order to guide the new economic norm, especially to accelerate the structural reform of the supply side has made a positive contribution. Previously, the financial department of the Ministry of Finance Director Sun Xiaoxia said the next step, the Ministry of finance will actively cooperate with relevant departments to promote the PPP field of the legislative process, the social capital to eat reassurance and in terms of financing, land price, measured for the PPP to formulate relevant policies, increase investment efforts and PPP fund yijiangdaibu. Founder Securities chief economist Ren Zeping predicted that the future government for private capital to participate in the PPP project policy guidance and incentives, is bound to increase, while a large number of private capital to enter the infrastructure will also speed up the development of. Based on the transformation of private investment, private investment in the traditional real estate industry restructuring and transformation is imperative, therefore, the construction industry may be involved in the field of private investment in PPP projects more concentrated. Investment areas include urban rail, garden construction, sponge City, underground pipe network, water conservancy projects, as well as some people’s livelihood projects such as sports, libraries, schools, hospitals, etc.. At the same time, local governments also vigorously promote PPP projects. Yu Xueqiang, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau recently said that so far, Beijing included in the Ministry of finance PPP information platform directory PPP project a total of 89, with a total investment of $245 billion 622 million. Municipal projects 9, with a total investment of $about 160000000000, involving transportation, water, municipal and other fields; county project 80, with a total investment of $about 80000000000, mainly in the field of public facilities and public services. Yu Xueqiang said, in the promotion of PPP model process, Beijing take measures to reduce the cost of social capital. The entry of some PPP.相关的主题文章: