The topic of the teacher’s day broke 100 thousand + county public security account rank-66814

Teachers’ Day topic breaking frequency 100 thousand +    county public security account ranking increased significantly — public opinion channel — public opinion monitoring room released from September 5, 2016 to September 11th the national government WeChat influence week list. List through the third party platform micro perspective (WTS). Peopleyuqing. COM) massive WeChat data grab to WMI (WeChat transmission index) as the evaluation index for the evaluation and ranking of public affairs WeChat. The teachers’ day breaking 100 thousand + "power must first teachers, teachers must respect." The occasion of teacher’s day, September 9th "" released "the premier said" how to honour the teacher and respect his teaching, a text, lead users 13 years since the prime minister is to review the "respect for teachers", including "prime minister footprint", "prime minister hope" and "good policy", the article was released immediately for reading 100 thousand +, network reprint rate higher. In addition, the capital education in September 9th and 10, respectively, issued a general secretary to return to his alma mater, fully affirmed the effectiveness of education reform in Beijing and [animation] teachers, hard, happy holidays! "Two + 100 thousand articles, the detailed report of the general secretary Xi Jinping came to the city of Beijing is located in the Haidian District Bayi school teachers and students to visit the holiday greetings to the nation’s teachers and educators; the latter in the form of animation called" the country, will be your teachers. ", led to a public sympathy. In addition, Ningde city Jiaocheng District News Center WeChat "Jiaocheng dream" released "the most beautiful teacher" vote is more fiery, reading more than 62 thousand times the amount of public participation, also reflects the enthusiasm of the local teachers’ attention and respect. County public security account ranking rose significantly in September 7th and in September 8th, Ningxiang public security continuous reporting two cases of murder, account ranking rose rapidly. "On the bulletin" Jing Hua Pu Huang Yun death event pointed out, "according to the scene investigation, autopsy, forensic investigation, combined with the mobile phone access as well as in words, can be ruled out homicide", and the rumor circle of friends related to false information, the amount of reading 44 thousand times; "Ningxiang police quickly cracked murder". Yu Tan Street Metro community occurred in the case of intentional homicide, police quickly deployed police disposal, criminal suspect Chen on the spot control, reading volume exceeded 100 thousand times. "Safe Jiyuan" issued "Circular", September 9, 2016, major criminal cases occurred in the city office building Jade Spring village, local police identified the suspect immediately issued notification, please the masses to actively provide valuable clues to the public security authorities, more than 80 thousand times the amount of reading quickly. "The latest news bulletin in September 9th:" Lu Chuan police "last night at the Lu Chuan County Street beatings suspects have been arrested by the police" after the incident, the County Public Security Bureau set up a special working group, 12 hours of continuous fighting cracked the case, get attention of Internet users, more than 64 thousand times the amount of reading. Dishonesty and illegal exposure caused more concern in September 7th, "today Xiangcheng" released "phase"相关的主题文章: