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The world’s first driverless taxi on the beta, a reporter in the past about the experience of Sohu technology although so many companies say the unmanned, but this is the first unmanned "beta" company, to drive faster times maybe nobody than we thought to. According to Bloomberg, the world’s first unmanned taxi on Thursday began a trial operation in Singapore, which led to the trial operation of the company is not familiar with those high-tech manufacturers. The company, called NuTonomy, is a driverless car software development company. Although not too much about the company’s news, but the ratio of any company pilot operations, the company and the government of Singapore and the technology industry have certain links — "Bloomberg" mentioned in April this year, NuTonomy won the Singapore government license test, in two years. NuTonomy, plans to set up a super 1000 car driverless taxi team in singapore. The company was founded in 2013 by Dr. Karl Iagnemma and Emilio Frazzoli of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of technology. From the company’s official website inquiries, NuTonomy itself is to provide unmanned vehicle technology, they have also provided some of the traditional car factory autopilot software. But from the reports, the test car has not truly "unmanned" — in the unmanned taxi test (experience experience) time, also need to sit next to an engineer to conduct real-time monitoring, to ensure that in the event of an emergency at the same time can be realized when manual intervention. NuTonomy’s driverless taxi is completed with Renault Zoe and MITSUBISHI iMiEV electric vehicles through cooperation. NuTonomy company is responsible for providing vehicle automatic driving software, and each car driverless car is equipped with six sets of laser radar detection system, the roof also have that kind of radar camera rotation; in the dashboard also set up two independent camera, which is used to detect the road information and traffic lights change. And in the exposure of the trial operation plan, the use of 6 NuTonomy after the transformation of unmanned taxi. The nuTonomy taxi test range is also limited to a Singapore called One North business district, the road is about 2.5 km. Although the "beta", but the nuTonomy unmanned taxi experience plan is for all applicants open, users can experience in the official application for unmanned taxi taxi, wait for after can get a qualification experience. Foreign journalists are also involved in the experience program, he published views on experience and said: this car only in a few fixed parking, although it can identify pedestrians, but sometimes obstacles still need engineers involved, such as on the road suddenly pulled out of a car, or the car opposite to the situation, engineer s相关的主题文章: