To be a qualified folding bicycle, it can charge itself jiuyaogan

Do a qualified folding bike first it can give yourself no time to charge your home in the bus subway downstairs, in order to solve the last mile travel, we often use the bicycle or electric car of this kind of means of transport. And we usually use a folding bike or electric car, which is nothing new, but there is a folding electric bicycle, will be a little fresh? Currently on the Kickstarter there is such a Vello Bike+ super light folding electric bicycle. Vello Bike+ is not like the general electric car to carry a heavy battery to provide power to the car, it can do in the case of lightweight folding can generate electricity". Vello Bike+ uses a unique KERS kinetic energy recovery system, you can ride in the process of braking and mechanical power into electrical energy. And through this technology, Vello Bike+ built-in integrated motor and battery will be able to maintain a continuous state of charge, of course, the speed of charging depends on the frequency of the pedal pedal and the slope of the road. Currently, the highest speed of Vello Bike+ up to 25 km / h, the longest mileage of 35 km. If you do not have to open half of the electricity, you can ride their own way to charge the bike, it seems to enjoy the comfort of electric vehicles, or get their own hard ride ah ride ah ride. Vello Bike+ in addition to spontaneous electricity, its own material using a super light design, the average female users can easily take it up. And Vello Bike+ folding is also a variety of ways, there is a foot can be folded up and pushed away, or if you want to carry away, then put it completely closed up, with the trunk almost directly carry. Or directly into the trunk of the car, the weekend outing with no problem. But as a mixture of folding bicycles and electric vehicles, Vello Bike+ is not cheap at all, in the Kickstarter on the early bird price is about 11944 yuan, love no place to spend money more early adopters or friends can try to consider in a car, anyway, from the appearance point of view will not expose you to the identity of the nouveau riche the.相关的主题文章: