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To milk, milk is the most important! What is the mother and daughter of Sohu milk? Through the process of smooth massage, diet, diet and other methods to make the call to open the milk. In short, the "open milk", is the first time after the arrival of newborn babies feeding. First, the time to open the milk within 30 minutes after the birth of the newborn to begin contact with the mother’s skin, while helping the newborn sucking nipple. In the second half of the newborn, the feeding reflex was the strongest, and then gradually weakened, and began to recover after 24 hours. Two, as soon as possible to open the milk benefits 1, is conducive to the secretion of breast milk, not only can increase the amount of milk, but also can promote the milk tube unobstructed, prevent the occurrence of mastitis and milk expansion. 2, the newborn can also be sucking and swallowing, and promote intestinal peristalsis and meconium excretion. 3, the sucking action of the newborn, but also can be stimulated to stimulate uterine contraction of the uterus, is conducive to the recovery of the uterus as soon as possible, to reduce bleeding and post natal infection opportunities, more conducive to the early recovery of maternal. 4, early feeding so that children get more maternal love, as soon as possible to meet the psychological needs of both mother and baby, so that the baby feel the warmth of her mother, reducing the baby came to the world of strangeness. Three, open milk breast did not pass before a hot towel, don’t open the milk sucking device for. The key is to let the baby milk frequently sucks, and at the appropriate time of his diligent in massage. Remember, don’t start with a towel. Because the breast is not clear before the hot compress will cause the blood, breast will be more pain up. When the breast flow, can look at every baby born before the hot compress, so that the milk will be more smooth. In addition, there is no clear breast before also don’t eat soup and milk food. After the opening of the breast, remember, ground water, Qin Qin suck soup. At this time, the more milk will be more exciting. Remember to take one every 3 hours. Because of too long expansion of milk, easy to produce block. Four, open the milk Tips 1, establish the confidence of breastfeeding. Many new mothers do not believe that only rely on their own milk will feed the baby, in fact, no matter how the shape and size of the breast, can produce enough milk, establish breastfeeding confidence is very important. 2, suck as soon as possible, often feeding. The baby’s sucking reflex is usually the strongest within first hours of birth, it is recommended to start breastfeeding within half an hour after the birth, the last can not be more than 6 hours. No milk is also the baby to suck, so as to promote the secretion of milk. 3, avoid nipple injury. Just open the milk of the mother, not much milk, nipple delicate, it is easy to be baby to suck the nipple. To avoid nipple injury, when feeding the baby should contain not only contain the areola sucking nipple, sucking the unilateral control time, if the nipples hurt, broken skin, chapped or bleeding phenomenon, can put the milk squeezed out or pumping out, also can bring the nipple protector to feed the baby. 4, unobstructed tube, often emptying, prevent milk bulge. If the mother open when the milk, milk tube has not pass, can be in the professional masseur help open the breast duct, or micro相关的主题文章: