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To prevent the "pit" car rear end in the end who is responsible? Sohu – car with the number of cars increasing, more and more traffic accidents, one of the most common accidents due to collision caused by traffic accident is also the schedule. A lot of people with a little crash is settled, then settled in the end who is with who? So in such traffic accidents, how to identify the responsibility of the accident? The responsibility of traffic accident is determined according to the following two points: (1) the road traffic accident is caused by the fault of one party. 2, by two or more than two parties of the fault of road traffic accidents, according to the severity of their behavior on the effects of the accident and fault, were the primary responsibility, equal responsibility and secondary responsibility. Those who is responsible for the accident? The car rear end accident form a slip after a car crash 1, before the car before the car reversing or, take full responsibility for the accident. 2, as the said rules in the "turning so straight" principle, if the first U-turn was straight or the vehicle rear end collision accident, accident responsibility and after the car before the car by the independent, bear the responsibility for the accident. 3, if the vehicle is legitimate possession after the owner’s consent, and give the vehicle to the third traffic accident, legal possession and third people as a co defendant, the owners jointly and severally liable. Method 4, rear end chain: the first car brake, the back of the car was rear ended, the car lost in the rear of the vehicle, in principle to the "rear end" on the grounds, from behind the car bear all liability. The rear end collision in the payment before the car losses, according to the traffic rules at present, is the full responsibility of 100 percent, the insurance company on the basis of the "third party liability insurance payment. My head loss, this depends on the circumstances, if the police found is that you do not brake in time to cause, by your own expense, if it is hit by the car behind and then pushed forward, from behind the vehicle claims. Regardless of the situation, the car’s insurance companies are not claims. His car knocked the tail loss by car after payment. The last car crashed into the car caused by the loss, mainly involving two. First, the loss of the car hit by the insurance company in accordance with the third party liability insurance payment, the loss of the front, depending on whether it is timely braking. 5, if in the process of running, before the car illegal driving or emergency and in the process, and if after the car accident, the car take the responsibility of the accident. But this is a condition that is to be in the car before the illegal acts in the process of running effect after normal car driving and collision, if after the car is meant to hit the front of the car, certainly by the car full responsibility after. 6, before the car after parking on the road opened in accordance with the provisions of the hazard lights and set up warning signs, rear end accident form, full responsibility for the accident after the car; if the first car parking on the road after failing to turn on the hazard lights and set up warning signs, rear end accident formation, secondary the responsibility for the accident before the car, after the car to bear the main responsibility for the accident. About the master of the car: the car is a problem, find a car master, the current car master has 10相关的主题文章: