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Fashion-Style New technology and new ideas have reinvented the embellished top as a work of art. The new generation of designers has impacted across the board, and forced a new perspective. This is an art form, and the talent of the designers is showing. Anyone in the industry will tell you that this is where the real class makes its presence felt, where a new design motif starts to create new styles. Women’s fashion is drastically expanding its range thanks to this new approach. Embellished tops are the start of a big move to really advanced design concepts. Embellished tops – is there such thing as too much embellishment? There’s a difference between "embellished" and a visual hernia created by overdone embellishment. "Embellished" is a relative of embroidery, one of the great dress fashion art forms, and that’s where the difference lies. The embellishing is ornamentation, a form of almost jewellery-like additions to the clothes, with symmetry and style. The new designs add some dramatic, beautiful cuts to the clothing, and this is where the real art quality obvious. More isn’t necessarily better. Fabulous, dazzling high quality will do nicely, and you can take or leave any overstatements. Embellishments – how to work embellishments into an outfit. Embellishment and outfits are an interesting design .bination, and you’ll find you’re able to do a lot with even simple embellishments. This is a matter of personal taste, and you can achieve some stunning results with a good single embellished piece in your outfit. The other huge advantage with embellishment is motifs. All embellishments add to an outfit. Floral or pattern, ornate or simple, they create options, rather than restrict them. It’s a great way to create light and shade, contrasts and work with tones. Statement or understatement with tops? Tops are special areas. This is all about visibility, and you’ll want to try a few options on principle. A statement can be very forward, very un.promising, a real tour de force. An understatement can attract attention, because it needs to be investigated, and takes more actual looking to be seen properly. The single embellished pieces are intended to stand alone, and they create the famous "single rose" effect. They work well with more .plex outfits. The more intricate embellishments work as features in simpler outfits, achieving the same effect through their strong presence. Find the right embellishment for you This is a case where your personal style instincts are your best friends. Check out some reliable brands to see what’s on the market, and pin down prices. If you look at labels like Ladakh , Cooper St, Shilla clothing, Living Doll, Sass and Fate, you’ll get an instant snapshot of what the good designers are doing. The new cuts and styles are great palettes for embellished tops, and you can have a lot of real fun working out outfits to work with them. This is one trend you can use to create a whole range of style statements, and enjoy every second of it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: