U.S. group comment Wang Xing takeaway war ended in 12 months sopor aeternus

The United States delegation comment Wang Xing: within 12 months of the end of the war. The U.S. group and the public comment made group purchase started, but in the merged group reviews leadership opinion, traditional group purchase is marginalized, the new competition has begun. In August 26th, the U.S. group comments CEO Wang Xing (micro-blog) appeared in the "summer Yabuli forum closing ceremony speech more than 5000 words, no mention of group purchase. He said that other businesses outside the takeaway has achieved overall profitability, the second half of the United States Mission review, but also China O2O into the second half. For takeaway, which became Wang’s eyes, the construction of an important battlefield O2O closed-loop ecology. Wang Xing judgment, war will end in the delivery period of 6-12 months. But at present, the U.S. group comments, hungry and Baidu three takeaway platform war in full swing, Wang Xing predicted the success? Wang Xing issued a "end takeaway war" rhetoric beauty group comments CEO Wang Xing "second half" theory, get a lot of people in the industry concerned. Wang Xing said that the United States mission after three quarters of integration, has ushered in the second half, which is the second half of China’s O2O, but also the Chinese Internet and even the entire Chinese economy in the second half. Wang Xing said, now the U.S. group comments in the second half of the game, at present, in addition to the strong investment takeout business, other business has achieved overall profitability, and this is the beauty of group comments, Wang Xing first disclosed to the outside world company profits. It is worth noting that Wang Xing said the takeaway area is still competitive, he judged the war will end in the delivery period of 6-12 months. According to CNNIC data, Internet takeaway is one of the two fastest growing applications this year, the mobile phone terminal growth rate of half a year, the size of the user to 114 million. "Statistical report" development of China Internet and the "2016 China takeaway O2O industry development report" shows that as of June 2016, the new high (U.S. group comment) hungry, Baidu takeaway three distribution platform users have accounted for 83.4% of overall online takeaway users, online takeaway platform market pattern has been formed. 2015 Chinese takeaway O2O market size of 44 billion 240 million yuan, is expected in 2018 takeaway O2O market will exceed $150 billion. Wang Xing believes that the integration of the U.S. group and the public comment has been initially completed, new large (U.S. Group reviews) is one of the top three business platform China. On the platform of 220 million people each year in addition to consumption, 4 million business cooperation, new also cover 1100 City, with the 4 million businesses, more than 200 million people visit the site each month and APP. United States takeaway, hungry, Baidu takeaway three behind the guild wars, respectively, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other BAT giants figure. What is the basis for Wang Xing, a takeaway war will end in 6-12 months of rhetoric? Wang Xing said that the United States to take out the business to 20% monthly growth rate, but also need to increase investment. At present, the United States group completed about 5 million single daily, with a total of second and a considerable share of the third. However, this statement has not been hungry Mody, Baidu takeaway proof. Bring the group purchase burn war lessons according to industry analysts, Wang Xingfa!相关的主题文章: