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U.S. intelligence agencies to intervene in the Sino German trade 700 million euros trading was halted – Sohu financial " U.S. intelligence agencies to halt the German trade! " German "Der Spiegel" magazine said on the 27 day, the German Ministry of economy before the withdrawal China Fujian hongsin fund the acquisition of the German semiconductor equipment manufacturer Ace strong approval, review. According to the latest information, the reason for this action is that the United States: the United States intelligence agencies believe that Ace strong products with potential military uses. Germany’s "world news", said the German Minister of economy Gabriel next Tuesday will be a large economic delegation visit to China, when he will feel the " China blowing cold wind ". An expert in the German government department 27, the Global Times reporter, said the U.S. intervention in the future will become an obstacle to economic cooperation between China and germany. The news from the German business daily 26, the first disclosure. The newspaper said, China Fujian hongsin fund to pay 676 million euros for the German Ace strong plan by the U.S. intelligence agencies note. German intelligence officials told the newspaper that U.S. intelligence agencies had direct contact with the German prime minister’s office, the purpose is to prevent the acquisition of. Reported that the U.S. President and its intelligence agencies and the German government has a hotline. On Friday, U.S. intelligence officials met with representatives of the German Chancellery and the Ministry of economic affairs, Ministry of the interior and the Department of defense in the United States Embassy in Germany, to show them " Ace strong product can have " evidence related to military use. However, the United States refused to give evidence in germany. Sources said that Washington fears China love strong products for nuclear project. Therefore, the German Federal Ministry of economics in 21, withdrawn in early September of China Fujian hongsin fund the acquisition of Ace strong without objection decision. " this is an amazing transformation of " "business daily" said. " I can’t disclose the type and source of the information. ", 26, a spokesman for the German economy minister Gabriel said in Berlin. But for " the information of foreign intelligence agencies will play a role in this kind of evaluation process; ", the question, she gave a positive answer. As for how long it will last, the spokesman said: " how long it lasts, how long it will last ". German Ministry of Economic Affairs Secretary of state Maachi Nick, 26, said: " the federal government received an unknown security related information. " this is believed to be confirmed by the "business daily" report. U.S. Fortune magazine 27, said the U.S. government " is relying on Germany to stop China’s acquisition of the world, especially those with potential military uses of M & a ". Ace strong for semiconductor chip manufacturing equipment. The company provides electronic and optoelectronic devices can be fabricated using advanced components, including the use range of LED applications, display technology, data storage, data transmission, energy management and transformation, communication, signal lamps and lighting technology and other cutting-edge technology. Reuters said Ace strong equipment mainly sold to the hair.相关的主题文章: