Using Yahoo Search Marketing To Tremendously Increase Your Web

| How would you like to rise to the top of the search engines without much effort? Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly called Overture) allows you to do just that. You don’t have to learn the sophisticated aspects of search engine optimization. You don’t have to wait for months to see your site get indexed in the search engines. Here’s 3 reasons why you should consider this traffic boosting marketing system: You can easily bring targeted traffic to your site fast Rapidly boost your sales By using Yahoo Search Marketing, you’ll be able to bring in targeted inter. traffic. You can do this by selecting specific keywords that fit your niche. Many web surfers search using broad matches. What this means is that if a person was browsing for dating sites, they would simply search for "dating." However,these searches are just browsing key phrases. What you really want is highly targeted key phrases that amount to sales. So instead of being the best dating site and just advertising for "dating" in general, Yahoo Search Marketing will allow you to pick key phrases like "senior dating in New York" or "speed dating San Francisco." So now you have niche targeting, plus geo-targeting. Don’t you think these keyword are highly targeted? The best feature of their service is that you can also get into the top 10 in Yahoo and it’s partner sites. I’m not talking about free, natural traffic. I’m talking about traffic that you pay for. If you do a search in Yahoo, you’ll notice that there are results on the right side, as well as on the top of your search results. These are sponsored search results. In other words, businesses are paying Yahoo Search Marketing each time a person clicks on the ad. While this may seem expensive, you must look into your overall return on investment. If you spend $10 for 100 clicks and end up with 1 sale of $100, you’ve already made a profit 10 times of what you spent. So once you pay per a click (PPC), you can select your ranking in the sponsored results. The more you spend, the higher your ranking is. That’s not all. Yahoo also allows inter. publishers to use contextual ads. What this means is that your advertisement can be viewed on some of the top websites in the world. When a website has content related to your advertisement, you’re advertisement may appear. So instead of paying a site top dollar to get a single ad on their site, Yahoo makes it easy for you. You could pretty much have an army of sites listing your ad with just a little effort. Now once you have traffic continuously flowing to your website, it’s all about your site conversions. The more people you bring into your shop, the more sales you’ll make. Since you are targeting your traffic by choosing appropriate key phrases, your site will most likely be offering what your visitors are searching for. When you have what people want, it’s quite easy to assume that sales will be made. So if you’re trying to get into the top 10 search engine listings, don’t sweat it. It takes money to make money. Use Yahoo Search Marketing, boost your traffic, and get more sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: