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VR  Boy why from the palm of treasure into the desktop? – People’s network game, it will sell 5 million units in the first fiscal year, Nintendo to bring a profit of 80 billion yen, investors will get extra bonus!" When the president of Nintendo to issue such a heroic utterance, please don’t think he is telling the download billions of phenomenal Mobile Games "Pokemon Go", of course, also is not to say that 10 years ago, selling 100 million units of the game machine Wii, but ultimately only survive in the market for half a year, sales of less than 700 thousand units and record the history of Nintendo sales of second low product VR Boy. Hope and outcome contrast so great, surprising. It seems that Nintendo more than 50 years, "the godfather game" said Yamauchi also makes mistakes. Presided over the design of the game VR Boy, the father of the cross keys, Yokoi Ra, also failed to move from one success to another success. In Japan, the game industry, the market rumors that this product is the failure of "conspiracy theory", as the first generation Nintendo vanguard against SONY PlayStation game console, VR Boy after the listing has encountered a public opinion sniper, an ophthalmology experts full of research articles published in major newspapers, pointed out that the virtual imaging technique used by the the game will seriously damage the vision of young people. Then the effect of nature can be imagined, a suspected harmful products can let parents rest assured? Although it was pointed out that the experts and SONY relationship is good. But in fact, opinion is the final straw for VR Boy. There are many reasons for its failure, from the name can be seen. VR Boy designer Yokoi Ra in fact can also be referred to as "PSP" father, his life is most proud of the work, sales reached 120 million units of the Game Boy. From the "Boy" of the common name, can be found between the products of "blood" inheritance, VR Boy is supposed to be a portable product similar to Game Boy, or that is a successor to the Game Boy for the legendary status of products. I did not expect that, VR Boy in the product development process gradually gone. This product is designed for the first batch of glasses early, in order to facilitate the carrying, also equipped with battery and handheld similar, with 6 batteries of 5 piece can only display two colors black, four color screen and the host power supply, the game is the mainstream of the cassette carrier. Obviously, this is a gaming platform, the host was simplified, presented in a way. The problem is that this cumbersome console at the time there is no way to move, otherwise it is easy because the head shaking and let the game player picture distortion. Even in the present, many low-end version of the VR device is still not an effective solution to this problem. In order to catch up with the summer sales season, has a profound sense of the Nintendo NES pressure mountains PlayStation Pu decided not to give Yokoi Ra more time, must let the user feel the VR game on the epoch-making shock. To this end, what can not be sacrificed? PSP by)相关的主题文章: