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UnCategorized Almost 3 years ago we decided to create an e-.merce office furniture website. We knew that we were at least ten years behind the internet curve and had a lot of catching up to do. Our keyword search term, office furniture, was already dominated on Google by more seasoned, well financed .panies who were capable of incredible sophistication including expensive search engine optimization to maintain their .petitive edge. But alas, we knew we had to embark into these tumultuous and uncharted waters. Technically speaking we were indeed neophytes and were clearly entering blindly into a whole new realm of marketing. Historically, my mentality as a business owner has always been that anything worth having is worth sacrifice. One usually gets what one pays for in life and in business. It is no different when it .es to website creation and search engine optimization. You generally get what you pay for. The buyer really needs to beware. There are many search engine optimization or SEO firms out there who aggressively market and solicit to new website owners. Many of these .panies are understaffed and promise more than they are capable of delivering. Some promise results using unscrupulous black hat marketing and these .panies need to be avoided entirely. Google often black lists and sand boxes .panies who employ these black hat methods to increase their rank. My first re.mendation would be to select an excellent domain name and by excellent, I do not simply mean catchy. There is nothing wrong with catchy, but it will not help you garner market share or dominate your key word search with Google. The key to choosing an excellent domain name is two fold. First, select a domain name that very closely related to or actually contains your key word, the word people type into Google to find what you sell. For instance, if your website intends to dominate the sunglasses market place, it would be advisable to select a domain name with the word sunglasses in it. Secondarily, if possible, select a domain that has been in existence for at least two years. This was a lesson that our .pany learned to hard way. Many .panies do not renew their domain names. Many e-businesses be.e insolvent and go out of business just like brick and mortar businesses. .panies like Go Daddy purchase the rights to these seasoned domain names for resale. Purchasing a seasoned domain name is an excellent way to vault your posture and dominance with Google. Google will always give higher rankings to older domains and this really helps as it relates to climbing up in the natural or organic listings. If you are unable to dominate your key words in search engines, you may have to go with services like pay-per-click to drive traffic to your site. This can be expensive so do your research first. You may ask, what is pay-per-click? Well, pay-per-click is just what it sounds like. Google positions all of their pay-per-click advertisers ahead of the natural or organic listings at all of their keyword searches. Meaning, you have an advantage over seasoned websites who dominate these keyword searches. But, this advantage .es at a premium. Websites listed first in search engines natural or organic listings have .plied with a specific search engines sophisticated and every changing algorithm formulas to be listed first. If you are planning to employ a shopping cart, my second bit of advice would be to utilize an excellent web hosting .pany, like several are available and easy to find with a little homework. Searching for terms like top website .panies and best SEO services is a great place to star. They are plenty of large, respectable .panies with experienced staffs capable of handling most concerns in a timely fashion. One of the .panies we network with in our industry, re.mended a reputable .pany when they heard we were about to create our website. By networking with other sites we saved a lot of time and money by finding quality help. They are not the least expensive web host but we feel they provide an excellent value for the services they offer and the user friendly software they provide to help clients load their respective products. The .pany we used created the Presidents website and helped funnel all of the contribution revenue for his presidential campaign. Whether you are a republican or a democrat, you can not deny that this guy ran a great campaign and his presidential success was partly due to technology and web hosting provided by our current provider. That was good enough of a testimony for me. Once you establish your domain name and your host, you will want to start creating and organizing your back links. Essentially, back links are web links from other places on the web that forward people directly to your site. These back links are established in a number of ways. I write articles just like this one, every other day and then submit the article using submission services or through direct article submission. At the bottom of each article is key information about me and our .pany with a direct link to our website. There are a variety of changing factors associated with individual search engine ranking methods. One of them is based on the number of articles, back links, and ongoing buzz about a particular site. Given the number of back links established by any particular website, search engines provide increased rank based on the merit, quality, and weight of the articles and back links. Search engines also considers the buzz established through social media marketing such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and My Space. They also provide increased ranking based on the amount of social bookmarks established through book marking services such as Delicious, Digg, and Kaboodle. The whole exercise may seem overwhelming and impossible to master. I must admit it is daunting, but worthwhile in the long run. It has taken us three years to climb from a zero ranking to page two of our key word search which as I mentioned is extremely .petitive. So if we can do it, you can do it! Now get going! It is my sincere hope that you found this information concise and helpful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: