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What are the eight things that children are most afraid of? Sohu maternal and child children are most afraid of what? Lost the toy? Or is it good to eat? Are not the most worried about the children are most concerned about the parents, you are the most important in the hearts of children. Take a look at the children worry, and then pay attention not to do it again, do not hurt the child’s heart. The most afraid of things first: Mom and dad quarrel had a children’s Psychological Research Institute conducted a survey of the psychological status of more than 3000 school-age children, one of which is "what are you most afraid of mom and Dad, answer the most is:" I am afraid of father and mother angry. If they had a quarrel". Have a very vivid answer: "I am afraid of angry father, he angry can be tough! My mother cry, I was like a little mouse, heart throbbing, could not eat rice……" Parents think that the child is still small, the couple say something, do something, do not matter to children. In fact, the children that both bright eyes, parents have been in front of them all the words and deeds are recorded down. Some families, husband and wife quarrel, foul mouthed, even his family atmosphere, often in a state of tension, the formation of the enormous pressure in child psychology; some parents, long estranged, quiet at home, living in this atmosphere of children is very depressed, a long time will damage their mental health. The child will become cold, lonely, stubborn, rough, become the psychological aspects of the malformation. Therefore, for the children to create a good family atmosphere, every loving young parents should bear in mind. The most afraid of things second: Mom and dad was angry kid like a crayon, and when you are in the practical joke, urging the ten times he is not moved, a tired day, parents are often difficult to control their emotions, the children shouted. Temper your child, do make the child afraid. In fear, the child’s behavior that upsets his parents is temporarily out of sight. But what will he do? There are several possibilities: 1, obediently listen to your command, you make what, do what; 2, he was stunned and stupefied there fixed; 3, burst into tears, won’t you do not want him to do, nor do you want him to do; 4 and the way you are angry, your favorite vase thrown onto the ground. Children are very sensitive to people’s emotions. Therefore, parents lose their temper, will also affect the child’s behavior and mood. However, the child can not figure out why parents lose their temper. In other words, when many parents lose their temper, although the child stopped the parents do not expect the behavior, but they do not know what they did wrong. In life, it is best not to get angry to children, but if it accidentally made a fire to the child tantrum, best to explain to the child, what is the problem of children, what to do, but also through the action to let the child feel that you care and love. If possible, it is best to give warning before you lose your temper相关的主题文章: