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UnCategorized Pre-packaged diet meals are anything but ordinary. You may love them or find them to be less than appealing. The truth is that you will probably feel strongly about them one way or another. Before you plunge into a diet plan like Nutrasystem, Jenny Direct, or Deliciously Yours, you might want to take a look at their menus. Breakfasts: There are Nutrasystem breakfasts for many different tastes. Several different types of cold and hot cereals are available, to be eaten with nonfat milk. There are several different types of breakfast bars if you like to eat breakfast on the run. For a more traditional take on the morning meal, try egg scrambles, frittatas, or pancakes. There are even pastry mixes such as scones and muffins on the Nutrasystem menu. Jenny Direct has many of the same diet breakfasts as the Nutrasystem program. To go along with the usual fare of cereals, bars, and traditional breakfast meals, Jenny Direct has some other options. They have breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches. Deliciously Yours, from eDiets, has only a few breakfast items. Some of them are traditional, such as cold and hot cereals or muffins. This diet also has some interesting morning treats like peanut butter English muffins and apple raspberry muffins. Lunches: The Nutrasystem lunches are primarily soups and meal bars. If you prefer, you can have pasta or chicken dishes. There are about 20 different options for lunch, but it is not an extremely interesting meal. Jenny Direct has several different kinds of sandwiches, pasta meals, chicken salads, and soups. They also give you appetizing options such as pizza, burritos, and chili. There is also beef chow mein or cheese enchilada. This menu is a bit more varied than Nutrasystem. Deliciously Yours offers a more gourmet variety of lunches, although they fit into some of the same categories. They are just a little more dressed up. There are also deli sandwiches, stir fry meals, pasta meals, and several interesting entrees. Dinners: Nutrisystem has a large variety of dinner entrees. There are pizza, chili, tacos, and barbecue meals. You might like ravioli, rotini, or pasta primavera. You would probably expect to find chicken meals on the menu. What you might be surprised to find on Nutrasystem and others is the meat dishes like pot roast and meatloaf. Jenny Direct has some well-spiced meals, such as Cajun chicken and sausage, mesquite chicken, and chicken carbonara. There are also several barbecue meals, southwestern meals, and Asian offerings. Deliciously Yours has the most extravagant styles of food among the diets. They are not excessive in their amounts or their caloric values. What they are is well-made gourmet meals. You pay extra, but it might be worth it to you to get meals like orange chipotle chicken, roasted pork loin, basil chicken or spaghetti and meatballs. With this diet, you get the side dishes right along with the meals. No matter what prepackaged diet you decide to do, check out their menu before you buy in to the plan. Nutrasystem, Jenny Direct, and Deliciously Yours all have different styles of menus. You have to find the one that suits your tastes the best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: