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Real-Estate Are you in the market to purchase a new home for you and your family? Well there is a list of things you should be looking for when buying a home that can help get your search off to the right start. There is more to a house than the number of rooms, the condition and size of the kitchen or the size of the yard. To help you get started, weve created a list of things to consider before you make an offer. What to Look For – Location It is all about location. It is funny but true that you might find yourself settling with some of the homes imperfections if you are absolutely in love with the neighborhood and your neighbors. After you move in, you really do have the option to altar any of these imperfections, should you deem the home worthy. When looking for your new home, you should definitely consider the homes proximity to your work. How attractive is the neighborhood? How is the home situated on the lot? Is it easy to get in and out? Noise? Traffic? Pets? Recreation? Shopping? Schools? Etc – Positioning Other than where your home is located, you should be looking at how your home actually sits on the lot. Are you looking for a view? Do the neighbors windows look directly into the home? Is the yard suitable enough for pets, kids, gardening, etc – Neighborhood It is important to do your research on the neighborhood you are looking into. Crime rates are an important factor to look at since you want to feel safe at all times. You also want to look at the neighbors. Do they maintain a clean and tidy yard or are there old cars and trash around? – Curb Appeal You definitely want a home that reflects your personal lifestyle. For example, you probably dont want to purchase a formal Victorian or Tudor style home if you live a laid-back life. – Floor Plan It is important to think of how your potential new home space will be used so that you can create a budget for furnishings and cost of living for the size of the home. – Bed and Baths How many bed and baths do you really need? Keep in mind how you would actually utilize the rooms and if it is really necessary to have an extra room or if you should actually downsize. – Kitchen The kitchen is thought of as the heart of the home. Never settle for a kitchen that doesnt completely work for you unless you are open to remodeling. – Storage Do you need ample closet and storage space? It is important to take a good inventory of what you have in your current home and the kind of space you will need to accommodate it in your new home. – Windows and Electricity Do you prefer to have a home that is bright with a lot of sunshine or would you prefer a home with privacy? Keep in mind the locations of electrical outlets and fixtures and how they can accommodate your light, electronics, and appliance needs. It is important to have an experienced realtor to help you every step of the way. To help you with your search for a great piece of San Diego County real estate, Realty Executives Dillon can help. With the fine San Diego real estate services of the Realty Executives Dillon team, you are sure to have a very quick and smooth real estate transaction. For more information on how Realty Executives Dillon can help you, contact them today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: