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Why does the baby cry at night? Psychologists answer what you expected – some Sohu often in the middle of the night mother baby crying, need to drink milk at night to comfort. There are a lot of pediatric or health care doctors believe that: night milk often lead to lack of sleep in infants, affecting the development of the brain, to quit the night milk. However, psychologist Li Xue did not think so, she asked: if you are hungry at night or wake, is to ignore your husband, or give you a cup of Hot Milk, a warm hug? So, in the face of children crying this problem, parents in the end how to deal with it? Current expert: Li Xue, famous psychology expert. Li Xue, engaged in psychology research in recent 10 years, the spirit of good from the psychological perspective, explain the effect of maternal child relationship for the child’s life character and destiny, popular in the young mother group, the followers of the congregation. Li Xue’s article "painful family style of Chinese style," "the biggest killer of marriage is to give a sense of" and so on, read on the network more than ten million times, forwarding millions. 1, why do babies cry at night? Li Xue: he wants her mother to comfort her to confirm the existence of Li Xue believes that infants and adults are different, the object has not yet been established stability. That is to say, one thing, when you see it, is invisible. "My cat is like this, if the ping-pong ball rolled into the end of the sofa, not looking for cats, but cats, because you know, table tennis although invisible, but still exist." This is why babies love playing "hide and seek" game, with the hand face cover adults, then open hands, faces, the baby will be very surprised to laugh, because of him, "what did you do not exist, how again, and then disappear? Appear again, disappear again…… Amazing ". Some of the children have established the object of stability, so the game will no longer laugh. Sometimes, the mother just went to the toilet, the baby will cry, because he really thought that mother disappeared. Babies need to be sure of their mother’s presence through their mother’s comfort. Just like a mirror, the baby through the warmth of her mother’s face, reflect their own, feel their own. Some patients with borderline personality disorder "remember the face of their own and other people’s details, because they have rarely been mom looking at, even at the sight of her mother, and are often empty eyes. The "bio crisis" series of films are fragmented, like a nightmare, much like a baby’s thinking process. The baby’s world is full of fantasy, no logic, but there is a good side of its creativity, Freud called the "primary thinking process". The primary process thinking by the parents of comfort gradually humane and logical, become a source of creativity as a powerful and unconstrained style of children. The baby to cry at night, rather baffling anxiety, panic, probably because the mother did not feel the existence of a primary process thinking disorder, unable to distinguish reality and fantasy. Li Xue believes that if the time to train the baby, independent and strong, complete sleep, is tantamount to push him to hell hell. If the baby is crying, he does cry, he is tired, he sleeps.相关的主题文章: