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Mortgage-Refinance Mortgage Refinance Information Prior to scouting out mortgage refinance loans, any potential borrowers should first review their current mortgage note. The first thing that you need to look for is a prepayment clause. Most home loans include some form of prepayment penalties for paying your home loans off early. Homeowners that have a first and second mortgage could also end up being slapped with steep prepayment penalties; which would go a long way towards negating the savings that would be obtained through refinancing. Many mortgage refinance financial lenders tend to prey upon the idea of utilizing the equity that has been built up in your home in order to pay off your credit cards. Others will actually just .bine this with some sort of a cash-out pitch. While this at first may seem tempting, it is not actually the best idea. Even though the home refinance loan rates may end up being lower, and you very well may end up with some extra money each month, over the long run you are going to be paying more in terms of interest charges because you are paying the refinance home back over such a long period of time (most people get a mortgage refinance with a 30 year term). Besides that, even after you are able to free up that additional money each month using a mortgage refinance, it does not really provide you with much good unless you are going to put it into some sort of savings account. Otherwise you are still going to be just living from paycheck to paycheck. Also, if you end up getting another outstanding credit card balance, you will find yourself utilizing your house as collateral against the home refinance, and that rarely ends in a good way. A home mortgage refinance can actually turn out to be a good idea, though. The key for this is to use some smarts when you go about the mortgage refinance process so that you are in fact doing it to actually save some money. This way you will be able to keep more of your own hard earned finances, and less of it ends up going towards the interest. The main rule of thumb when getting a home refinance loan is to do it only when the going rate is at least half a point lower than the interest rate you currently have. This way the fees and costs that end up being associated with the paperwork and redoing the home refinance loan is worth the cost. Also, make absolutely certain that you are getting yourself a fixed rate. If your current loan happens to have a fixed rate and is even more than whole point higher than a new variable rate for example, it can mean really bad news when the interest rates end up going up. Should I Refinance my Mortgage? Instead of just getting a home refinance on a 30 year loan, you should be trying to get yourself a 15 year mortgage instead. This is a simply amazing way for you to save some thousands of dollars in interest. The monthly payments on your mortgage refinance may increase by $50-$150, but in the long run you are going to be saving a ton of money. That is quite a bit of money that you can utilize in retirement as another example, instead of allowing it to go to the bank for some extra years. Plus, most financial lenders will offer lower rates for home refinance loans that have a shorter time period attached to them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: