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Travel-and-Leisure Australians call the Great Barrier Reef the eighth wonder of the world, and it’s on every traveller’s wish list. Alas, like so many reefs, this 1,500-mile stretch is ecologically fragile. But castaways can set sandal on the ‘new’ Wilson Island knowing that their creature comforts are based on sound environmental principles; heat and light are by solar power and each of the six tents are created out of natural materials. There are separate bathrooms for each tent. Beachcombing and birdwatching, swimming and snorkelling, reef walks and relaxing in your hammock are what Wilson Island is about during the day. Wining, dining and socialising take place later in the communal Longhouse. The only way you can get to Wilson Island is via Heron Island. Wilson island could well be described as the ultimate castaway experience as you will realise shortly. The accommodation and all the principles of Wilson Island are based on eco principles which are firmly adhered to! Take a look at photographs at ..worldwidevacationspots../articles/14/1/Wilson-Island-Great-Barrier-Reef/Page1.html Wilson Island as previously stated in on the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast, and quite frankly it is difficult to imagine anything more attractive, although the three day Wilson Island Package was about long enough. Beauty, there is in abundance, but like most of us, I have been spoiled by the 21st century luxuries that we now associate with dream islands, such as luxury bathrooms, mains electricity, to name but two!! .pensations are an unrivalled natural beauty, beautifully clean and clear water, wonderful coral, and tropical fish to snorkel and see easily. It is however a castaway experience with six permanent tents. The six tents have been designed to .bine simplicity and .fort. Based on a modern beach.bing theme, the tents have raised timber floors, king-sized beds and a private decking with uninterrupted reef views. You will be supplied with everything you need apart from en-suite bathroom, but you will need the .plete insect screening, and repellent. The views from the tents are quite breathtaking. All electricity is I believe by solar power, and batteries, so none of your electrical appliances will work, and the fresh water is rainwater, so all drinking water is bottled. A separate building houses six showers and dressing area (one designated for each tent), along with toilet and vanity areas. This I’m afraid took be back to my youth hostelling/camping days which I had left behind long ago. Entertainment and food are not f.otten; each evening begins with sunset pre-dinner drinks and canaps on the beach. The main course is a candle-lit three-course buffet meal with wine, served in the resort’s entertainment building, the Longhouse. After dinner, guests can join an evening star-gazing walk or even a beach walk to observe the turtles nesting. A popular activity for early risers is a walk to an area of the island known as the ‘Flintstone Chairs’. These naturally carved coral chairs offer a spectacular view of the colourful Wilson Island sunrise. Quite honestly this is a beautiful place, but there really is very little to do, apart from wonderful snorkelling, and scuba diving. It is a bit rustic for my taste but in fairness that is what is part of the initial appeal. Two last things, the wines are very good, and there are no children under the age of sixteen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: