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Women’s Hotel 3 thousand yuan not to see the police broke the "theft" Oolong October 5th at 12 pm, Hubei city of Daye Province Dongfeng Road police station received a report that the area of a hotel dispute occurred, a woman lost wallet, emotional and hotel staff quarreled. Police Zhu Hui quickly rushed to the scene with the team members. By understanding, in the evening of October 4th, 45 year old Cao Mou in Hubei province Daye city view hill a hotel check-in. Before going to sleep, Cao will put 3000 yuan in cash wallet under the pillow. As a result, the next morning at 8 to check out, Cao forgot to take the wallet away from the hotel, and went to Daye Yurun shopping mall shopping. At 12 noon, Cao found that his wallet was not on his body, so he hurried back to the hotel room, but found his wallet had disappeared. Cao recognized that the hotel staff stolen, disputes between the two sides. Zhu Hui police immediately access to surveillance video of the hotel, found that although there were hotel staff, but the staff found no abnormal. Immediately, Zhu Hui together with the hotel staff to turn the bed up, and finally found a wallet in the crevice at the head of the bed, after counting, the wallet is not less cash. See the wallet stolen, Jo repeatedly thanks the police, and said he was on impulse and other misunderstanding, she felt very sorry. For more information, please focus on WeChat subscriptions in great Huangshi

女子住宾馆3千元不见 警方破乌龙“盗窃案”10月5日中午12时许,湖北省大冶市东风路派出所接到报警称,辖区某宾馆发生一起纠纷,一名女子的钱包丢失,情绪激动地和宾馆工作人员吵了起来。民警朱辉带队员迅速赶至现场。经了解,10月4日晚上,45岁的曹某在湖北省大冶市观山路某宾馆登记入住。临睡前,曹某将装有3000元现金的钱包放在了枕头下面。结果,次日早上8点起来退房时,曹某忘记将钱包拿走就离开宾馆,并前往大冶雨润商场去逛街。至中午12时许,曹某才发觉钱包不在身上,于是急忙赶回宾馆房间,却发现钱包已经不见了。曹某认定是宾馆的工作人员偷走,双方发生纠纷。民警朱辉立即调阅宾馆的监控录像,发现虽然期间有宾馆工作人员进出,但是未发现该工作人员有异常。随即朱辉连同宾馆工作人员将床铺翻起来,最终在床头的缝隙处找到了曹某的钱包,经过清点,钱包内现金一分没少。见钱包“失而复得”,曹某连声致谢民警,并表示自己因一时冲动才与对方产生了误会,她对此感到非常抱歉。更多资讯请关注【大楚黄石】微信订阅号相关的主题文章: