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Xiang Junbo: the insurance industry must take the initiative to adapt to the new normal Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Liu Jingyuan "the insurance industry must take the initiative to adapt to the new normal, as can be." Xiang Junbo, chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission in October 13th to attend the opening ceremony of the third Beijing international forum to make this statement. In recent years, China’s insurance industry has made great progress. 2015 national premium income of $370 billion, an increase of 20%, the insurance industry to achieve a profit of $43 billion 500 million, total assets reached $2 trillion and 200 billion. Just a few years time, China’s insurance market size jumped from sixth place in the world of the third. 2015 China’s insurance industry contribution to the global insurance market growth of up to 30%, ranking first in the world. Xiang Junbo pointed out that such results, thanks to the public benefit, effectively stimulate the demand for insurance to continue to promote rapid economic growth, thanks to the strong prize of deepening the reform. In the new economy under normal conditions, the rapid growth of economic growth from the rapid growth of the economic structure of the continuous optimization and upgrading of economic development from factor driven, investment driven to innovation driven. This brings new opportunities and challenges for the insurance industry, the insurance industry must take the initiative to adapt to the new normal, in order to be more. Xiang Junbo pointed out that, first of all, the insurance industry to adapt to the overall situation of the country’s new requirements for insurance services. With the reform into deep water, three overlay risk will show special features and complexity of interlacing, risk identification, prevention and control of the insurance industry has been the foundation and the unique advantages of the insurance industry should also will get more space of homeopathy. The new "Ten States" of the insurance industry have already increased the insurance development from the will of the industry to the will of the state. Supervision will actively guide the insurance service "double engine", promoting economic growth, public entrepreneurship, support a major strategic investment of insurance funds in science and technology enterprises, Small and micro businesses, strategic emerging industries and new urbanization and other countries, better play the role of financial services in the real economy. Secondly, the insurance industry to adapt to the new requirements of the people’s Insurance demand. President Xi Jinping stressed that the building of a moderately prosperous society, not only is a well-off, more important, more difficult to do is". China insurance industry on the one hand to serving a growing middle class, on the other hand, as in the industry, but also directly facing the vast poor population and vulnerable groups, under the new economic normal power to achieve a comprehensive well-off. At present our country there are about 70000000 people living in poverty, about 10000000 of them suffering from chronic disease or illness, the insurance industry in the boost of poverty alleviation, solve the difficulties of production and life of the masses have a brilliant future. Insurance industry should take the initiative to play, pay attention to and seize the pain points and blind spots in the community, the development of services and resources to take into account the social poverty and the underlying population, and strive to achieve better life insurance". Xiang Junbo stressed the need to adapt to the new requirements of the development of the insurance industry reform. theory相关的主题文章: