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You say you love tea, but you know what? Sohu health click on the above blue words can be free subscription! View more content! City Health National Health Express? WeChat official micro signal: kbjiankang? Chinese love tea, tea culture research is regarded as a kind of a way of keeping good health. However, Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of preventive treatment of disease director Tang Yi remind you, between the two and the dew solar term of the day, to look at the physical health tea. Soup director said, "although the spring to drink tea, drink Green Tea summer, autumn drink green tea, winter drink Black Tea", but because of different physical, selection of tea will be different. "The most famous representative tea Tieguanyin, autumn tea is the general principle of health to the lung, dryness and heat." So, how to drink tea, slightly adjusted according to their physical characteristics? Don’t worry, listen to the director slowly to you. Dry mouth to drink tea tea in autumn Runzao health Runzao mainly for physical deficiency often fall in the crowd felt nose dry, dry throat, dry skin, dry lips, etc., should be based on green tea drink, add on loquat leaf, mangosteen, nourishing yin and moistening. For example, the lungs, dryness, phlegm, cough effect of loquat leaves with green tea Tieguanyin tea together with the ratio of 1:1 to brew, especially suitable for cold is not particularly heavy, or heavy cold late has improved, but the voice always felt a spit dirty people. Again, the fresh leaves of Dendrobium brewing together with tea, also has the function of nourishing yin and moistening good, or green tea together with Momordica drink bubble has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening. To drink hot tea if clear mouth sores recently, mouth sores, sore throat, yellow phlegm, phlegm and so on, tea health should be chosen to heat, based on the choice of health drink green tea, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, cassia seed and some auxiliary. For example, Chrysanthemum Tea can play Qingfei Quhuo effect, also can alleviate the Liver eyesight, headache, eye pain, blurred vision and other symptoms. And a honeysuckle Qingrejiedu effect, can help slow down the sore throat, nausea and other symptoms. In addition, also will be 10 grams, 5 grams of cassia seed, chrysanthemum 15 grams of Hawthorn together with the boiling water, especially for liver and stomach heat, eating fragrant dry eye patients. Reporter Zhang Qing editor Lv Hongchen quick attention to city express? Health WeChat press, two-dimensional code recognition, and focus on business cooperation Tel: 022-28203410 submission: background message and small contact相关的主题文章: