Zhangyu restart the low-end strategy domestic wine multiple breakthrough judgment is now divided diying

Changyu restart the low-end strategy: domestic Wine multi-channel breakout judgment multi-channel breakout are differences in the low-end domestic Wine Changyu restart strategy of multi-channel breakout the reporter quiet Yantai, Chongqing reported Wine review domestic enterprises, reflecting their Wine of market demand and the uncertainty of the future trend of. Imported wine is in the way of rapid recovery into the country. 1-7 months of this year, customs statistics show that wine imports amounted to 350 million liters, imports of $1 billion 370 million, an increase of 17% and 22%, respectively. After the June single month bottled wine imports fell, imported wine began to stride forward singing militant songs. On the contrary, the performance of domestic wine generally decline. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter statistics, 8 wine based listed companies, the first half of 6 operating income fell. As the main business of listed companies are no exception, some revenue reduction, and some sales decline, while some of the losses intensified. The high-end wine, the slow recovery of the original bottle of imported Wine fold decline, domestic Wine boss Zhang Yu (000869.SZ) to restart the low-end strategy: Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the launch of the small package of fruit and grape wine steam "small Portuguese", entered the market segments to the retail price of 20 yuan, consolidate and scale. Not only is Changyu, domestic enterprises are collective Wine resorted to exhaust all the skills to break. Some walking on two legs: in addition to domestic Wine, also sell imported Wine; some sell domestic high-end Wine Zhuang, such as China food (506.HK); more and more enterprises layout of many types of wine or other industries, and gradually withdraw from the Wine or as a sideline, such as Huang Taiwan (000995.SZ), ST (472.HK), the new silk road trip through Portuguese shares (600365.SH). Different breakout Road, reflecting the domestic wine companies to market demand judgment differences. Zhangyu restart low-end strategy in the restriction of ‘three consumption’ before, Zhangyu’s high-end products accounted for 76% of total sales, the rest is the retail price of $60 or less of the product." Recently, in the new "small Portuguese" news conference, vice president of Changyu Sun Jian in twenty-first Century economic news reporters, before the low-end products do not pay enough attention. Zhang Yugang inaugurated the international Wine City, filling capacity of up to 15 thousand bottles hour Krones production line, PE bottles, 275ML capacity of small Portuguese is offline. The market retail price of 13.8 yuan, which is currently the lowest price of Changyu drinks. Pick up 15 yuan price segment, twenty-first Century economic news reporter found that Zhang Yukao is not a price war, but the introduction of new products. Sun Jian told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, the small Portuguese juice from Yantai apples, grape juice concentrate, the Changyu "Big Apple champagne" raw materials have produced apple. So, in order to Wine for wine and wine is small bartender? At present, the pre cocktails is lack of uniform industry standard, the popular argument is that the bartender RTD (Ready-to-drink) is composed of base liquor, with fruit juice prepared on相关的主题文章: